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    Development Partners Courtesy Visit to the Govenor

  • Procurement Law

    Gov. Inuwa Yahaya has Sign the Bill for Bureau of Public Procurement in Law

  • Gov. Inuwa Yahaya

    Wishes the good people of Gombe Happy 2020

  • 2020 Budget

    Signing Ceremony

The Ministry of Finance Gombe

The Ministry of finance Prepares the annual fiscal budget and issue adequate regulations for its execution.
Manage government financial assets.
Propose bills related to the management of government employees, particularly bills related to staffing, salaries, benefits and pensions.
Amortize debt and coordinate financial activities carried out within the scope of its power, for the different ministries and their related entities.
Be aware of and report on any initiative of a financial nature involving public expenditure and indebtedness before it is debated by Congress.
Participate in the negotiation of international free trade and financial agreements.
Exercise all powers and rights as conferred on it in the Central Bank Law.

Gombe State Development Plan 2020

Gombe state has evolved over the years on all counts. The State is blessed with a relatively young population,
presenting a great prospect for development. Admittedly, some successes have been made on social development,
while infrastructure is continually being improved on through substantial public sector investment. Nevertheless,
since the creation of the State, there has not been any attempt to articulate a long-term economic development plan
for the State. Earlier attempts at development Planning were ad-hoc, short termed and political regime-tied.
For development to be sustainable and political regime invariant, there is need to develop an all-inclusive,
long term Economic Development Plan for the State, owned and executed for the general interest of the current and
succeeding generations of the people of Gombe.

Gombe State Development Plan

Procurement Guidelines in Emergency Situations for MSME in Gombe State

In line with the need to strengthen the capacity of Micro, Small, & Medium, Enterprises on Procurement
Processes in emergency situations, The Ministry of Finance and Economic Development in conjunction with the Gombe state Bureau for Public
Procurement organized a 4-day capacity building and sensitization workshop for her entrepreneurs.
The program which took place at the Gombe state International hotel between the 26th and 29th of September,
2020 had in attendance a total of 194 (One hundred and Ninety-four) participants that cut across various
sectors of the economy was declared opened by the Honorable Commissioner for Finance and Economic Development,
in the person of Alhaji Muhammed Magaji.

SME's Participation Guidelines

MSME Training Report 2020

Gombe State Fiscal Reposnsibility Law 2018 Amended

FRL 2018 Amended

Gombe State September And August 2020 Covid 19 Budget Execution Report

Covid 19 September 2020

Audit Report on Covid 19 September 2020

Covid19 Budget August 2020

Covid 19 Main Function August 2020

Audit Report on Covid 19 August 2020

Gombe State Public Procurement Bureau Gudelines on Covid 19

September 2020 Procurement Guidelines

Gombe State Cash Management Strategy

Cash Management Strategy

Gombe State Internal Revenue Service Covid 19 Palliatives

Below is the Gombe State tax palliatives extended to the tax payers by the Gombe State Government
to cushion the effect of Covid 19 pandemic
2020 Tax Relief

2020 Tax Relief Guidelines

Press Release

2020 Tax Concession

Palliatives to Taxpayers Read More



of Finance

Public Procurement
Bureau (Due Process)

Recent works

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